Date. Apr.01, 2016                                                       BGS/004/16
Respected Parents

Warm regards from the Team of Class-I

It’s a pleasure to have your children in the class. We are all blessed with your bundles of joy. Kindly note the following:-
1. Please send a Pencil box in your child’s bag with: (two pencils, one eraser, one sharpener)
2. Please send the following books and notebooks in your ward’s school bag:-
– English book + 1 notebook
– Hindi book + 1 notebook
– Punjabi book + 1 notebook
– E.V.S. book + 1 notebook
– Maths book + 1 notebook
3. If you have still not got the book set do send a notebook in the bag.
Note: Please send two passport size photographs of your child.