Welcome to Bhupindra Global School

From Chairman’s Desk education is a continues & creative process. Its aim is to develop the capacities latent in human nature & to co-ordinate their expression for the enrichment & progress of society by equipping children with spiritual, moral &material; knowledge.

True education releases capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence in himself, will power & goal setting competencies , and in stills the vision that will enable him to become self-motivating agent of social change, serving the best interests of the community. Today, education needs an expanded definition that frees it form today’s largely economic context & acknowledges its role in transforming both in dividable lives & entire society.

With this purpose in mind, Bhupindra Global School was established in April, 2012 & in this short span only it has earned a good name in the town in the field of education. A child centered approach, fun-filling activities & inculcation of moral values push our students towards excellence & expertise. We try to recognize their inherent talents & direct our endeavors accordingly. We aspire our students to be exceptionally hard working, intelligent & daring along with an insight into a really meaningful life, This is our ambitious thought to transform the lives of our into students in to individuals who dare to dream high & achieve even higher in their livens.


    BGS is an institution that offers its students an education with individual attention, all around development, emphasis on knowledge, attitude, skills, social, and moral values, physical and psycho-social capabilities which are effectively achieved through professional coaching in sports, creative and personality enhancement activities along with command over communication and mental arithmetic, team spirit and keenness to learn experiments and ability to appreciate various arts and tendency to acquire future knowledge in various sciences or arts to make a living.


    Purpose of education is to equip a person to earn livelihood and to live life meaningfully. Accordingly, our vision is to institute dynamic human resource for our expanding community, the nation and the world at large, through our motto, excellence in education,To cultivate all around human development, spiritual well being, physical development , psychological strengths, resourcefulness and creative skills, social responsibility and concern for ones environment.


    • To teach every student with different method because no two children are exactly alike.
    • To offer an in depth programmes of studies through our different methods.
    • To promote an environment which develops practical skills and personal attitudes that form the foundation for future success.
    • To do all around development of students while maintaining our rich culture.


    The director of school is responsible for the quality assurance of delivery, evaluation and course development of all programmes at BGS.


    • To provide high quality education .
    • To maintain standards through active participation in professional associations.
    • To meet the educational needs of a changing market.
    • To enhance relationships with students, the community and other institutions.
    • To lead the world in creating a peaceful global society.
    • To develop healthy citizens aware of good health habits.
    • To teach students how to use their English in a wide range of social and personal situations.