Academic Programme

The School academic session commences at the beginning of April and finishes in March. Only one long vacation is observed in the month of June.

Courses of Study
Besides the regular subjects pertaining to the CBSE syllabus which include English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi , Social Science, Sanskrit and Punjabi ,the School provides Computer Education, Art & Craft, Dance and Music. Computer Education is introduced at the level of class 1, thus enabling the young students to quickly and with ease become acquainted with the concept. This allows for an easy transition into the more advanced stages of computer science.

As per CBSE guidelines the School follows Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system for assessment thereby allowing for maximum learning with least amount of difficulty.

The children from classes I to V undertake three assessments throught the session.

Evaluation-I (September)
Evaluation-II (December)
Evaluation-III (March)

Students of classes VI-X undertake formative and assessments as debated by the board.
There are four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments through the session.
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