Principal’s Message

Dear parents
We all live for our children. As a parent, you want the best for your child and the role that you play is of vital importance for the holistic development of your child. The goals of the school are thus aligned with that of the parents in the best interest of the child. The more positive the school-parent relationship, the more secure a child will feel. This almanac is an important means of communication to build a bridge of understanding between the parents and the school.
Th School gives a number of opportunities for personal interactions to promote the triangular relationship between the child, the school and the parent. Please attend the parent teacher meeting regularly and participate in the workshops and seminars that are held for you from time to time. Encourage your child to participate in the all school activities and functions.
Communicate with the teacher for any concerns you have regarding your child’s progress. You are also welcome to meet the teachers through prior appointment in case of any problem. Please do inform the class teacher/school office about any change in address and telephone numbers.
Even though a large part of your child’s active life is spent in school, every child gets his/her emotional stability from the parents. Since the real investment in today’s scenario is quality time spent with your child we request you to spend at least fifteen minutes daily with your child, talking to him/her about his/her day in school. Try to create a sense of belonging in the child and be his/her friend, counsel and guide.
Looking forward to your Continuous support…..