Quality Assurance

– A student using the school bus is expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus.
– Unruly behavior like shouting, fighting or use of un-parliamentary for fellow students in the bus is strictly prohibited.
– Students should wear their identity cards issued to them daily. They will not be allowed to board the bus without the I-card.
– Students should not put their hand and heads out of the bus for waving.
– Do not litter in and outside the school bus.
– The consumption of edibles and drinks is strictly prohibited in the bus.
– Do not distract the driver’s attention while driving, for any reason.
– Parents should, for the safety of their children, ensure that their wards are always escorted to and from the bus stops.
– Transport facility will be discontinued, without prior notice, in-case of non-deposit of transport fee in time.
– The School management reserves the right to change the bus stop, route timings, increase route or withdraw the facility partially or fully.
– Cost of any damage by students while traveling in the bus will be incurred by them.
– Parents are requested not to handover any type of fee in the form of cheque or cash to the bus driver or conductor. All fee should be paid at the prescribed school fee counter.
– Parents are not allowed to enter the bus under any circumstances.