The school is spread over a campus of 2.25 acres situated in a rural setting. The campus is eco-friendly and houses a state of the art infrastructure.

Class Rooms:

The class rooms are child friendly well –ventilated and air-conditioned.


Computer Lab:

The computer lab houses 26 machines. The children learn to work on the machines which happen to be the future of the world.



The library is the nerve-center of any school. The school library is well stocked with books for all age-groups, magazines, periodicals, the daily newspapers, children reference books and teachers reference books.

A large number of education CDs are also available where the children can visually larn a large number of concepts making the teaching learning process more effective.


Dance/Music Rooms:

The Dance Room and Music Room provided the much needed recreation tie for the children. The children distress themselves and enjoy tapping to the tunes of their favorite numbers.

Classical dance is also taught.


Science Lab:

There is a composite science lab for the children.


Amphi Theatre:

 The amphi theatre is the pride of the school as it provides a platform for public speaking, dance and dramatics to the children. The children showcase. Then talent in these fields once in a month during the activities conducted for the children.

The little ones of kindergarten enjoy the environs of the amphi theatre for their assembly and oral work.


Play Grounds:

Lush green lawns and sprawling well-maintained play grounds give the school its exclusive ambience. The main play ground with a 200 meter track forms the major part. The back ground is used for hockey, football and volleyball etc. The small ground finds the children, especially girls playing badminton. The basketball ground hones the skill of the basketball players as well as satiates the desire of the skaters who are on wheels during the games period.


Kindergarten Section:

The little nestlings of Mont-I/II/III find solace in the KG building as it keeps them safe and well looked after. The children study and play in the area demarcated for them and enjoy to the fullest with their able well-trained team of teachers.


Transport Facility:

The school has its own fleet of buses which ply the children to-and-fro. Every effort is made Ever effort is made and all care taken to ensure the safety and security of the children while travelling. All the buses strictly follow the Bal-Vahine rules forwarded by the To from time to time.