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A Visionary Leader - Mr. Harsimran Dhindsa

When the vision is clear, the results will automatically appear. Keep your mindset positive as you plan for the future and always remember why you started. One such visionary was ‘Mr. Harsimran Singh Dhindsa’ who will always be remembered in the years to come. An over ambitious man who always walked on the path of honesty , dedication and truthfulness. He took birth in village Binjoki, on the outskirts of Malerkotla in 1984.He was an optimistic man who always aspired to do a lot for humanity and so, he firmly decided to open a school in 2012 .He named this school ‘Bhupindra Global school’. He loved his mother a lot . He had a great passion for educating each child as he was of the true opinion that

“ A child without education is a bird without wings “. Ultimately he succeeded in making his dream project flourish. We all believe that “Success comes to those who will & dare.” Meaning of success comes in many forms, it all depends upon what you are searching for in life. A fixed aim and a well-considered plan to achieve it is the sole key to success. Very few people have fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness & generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of each educator should be to unlock that treasure. Coming back to Mr. Dhindsa who believed that “Don’t tell people your plans, show them your results.”


The computer lab houses 26 machines. The children learn to work on the machines which happen to be the future of


The whole campus is in eco-friendly zone as nature is a part of life. The lap of nature refresh the mind of


The library is the nerve-center of any school. The school library is well stocked with books for all age-groups,


But the harsh realities of life have to be accepted. Such an ambitious person who was running a mammoth show ultimately left us on August 24, 2015. The Almighty has always kept the remote control of our lives in His hands and as we all know that God’s plans are always hidden. One could never ever imagine that such a renowned personality of the area would leave us at the age of 31. Thousands of people were speechless and everyone’s heart sank down. Each heart cried bitterly but just imagine the trauma which the family had to bear, but life never stops, it has to move on,

“Time is the greatest healer to heal every wound.”

The purpose of education is the overall unfolding and gentle bringing up of the child at physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level of a child’s personality. BGS provides the best environment where students can develop all aspects of their personality. Our main priority is quality education.W ith energy, enthusiasm and a broad outlook, we move towards developing life long learners who demonstrate respect, understanding and a firm commitment to an improved universe. “Time never stops for us then why do we always wait for the right time. Wakeup!

“Beautiful people are not always good but good people are always beautiful.”

“Dear Almighty! If I Hurt others, give me the strength to apologize, If people hurt me, give me the strength to forgive.” “A vision is not a project report or a planned target its an articulation of desired results in broader terms. We all need to see beyond the limits of immediate past to re-discover the greatness. Education and knowledge can easily improve awareness among the masses. One should use one’s discretion to judge persons and things. I again go back to the years old saying, ”God helps those who help themselves.” This is very true if we talk about the visionary Mr. Harsimran , who had this notion embedded in his mind that ,’Self-help is a rare virtue of life.’ A self reliant man like Mr. Dhindsa was always full of determination and had the expertise to use this creativity into actions . Those who have faith in them can achieve impossible tasks. Even a mountain can melt if your willpower is strong. If we make persistent efforts to gain our goal, surely our efforts will be crowned with success. Education is and will always be a continuous and creative process. True education lies within each one of us, it's only that we being humans need to realize our potential.