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Academic Programme

The School academic session commences at the beginning of April and finishes in March. Only one long vacation is observed in the month of June.

Bhupindra Global school was established in the year 2012 and is situated in Binjoki in the short span of time, it has earned a good reputation in the field of education. A child-centered approach fun-filling activities and inculcation of moral values has helped us and motivated the students towards gaining excellence in various fields of life. We want that each child should be monitored who sits for any competitive exam must have fabulous moral values, needs to be aware of all physical activities which will ultimately turn him into a responsible citizen of the society. Providing such values to the children is a life long investment which will get doubled and tripled and come back to us. Life is a beautiful gift given to all of us by the Almighty so why not utilize it in the best possible manner so that we are at least able to justify our own self in front of the Almighty when the exact time comes. Educating a child or any human being is like doing the best service for mankind. Opening a school is not that tough but to maintain the sanctity of a true visionary and an honest educator is far more difficult. We at BGS have no competition with anyone because we believe that competition always does not beautify , sometimes it creates an unhealthy atmosphere and we are here to follow the footprints of our Director, Mr. Harsimran Dhindsa, who was of the opinion that think and analyze because each obstacle which comes your way is definitely teaching us something to beautify our future. According to him, the more the criticism the more the growth. Our mission is to light the candle of education in each house so that we are able to remove illiteracy forever.

  • Courses of Study
    Besides the regular subjects pertaining to the CBSE syllabus which include English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi , Social Science, Sanskrit and Punjabi ,the School provides Computer Education, Art & Craft, Dance and Music. Computer Education is introduced at the level of class 1, thus enabling the young students to quickly and with ease become acquainted with the concept. This allows for an easy transition into the more advanced stages of computer science.
  • Assessment
    As per CBSE guidelines the School follows Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system for assessment thereby allowing for maximum learning with least amount of difficulty. The children from classes I to V undertake three assessments throught the session. Evaluation-I (September) Evaluation-II (December) Evaluation-III (March) Students of classes VI-X undertake formative and assessments as debated by the board. There are four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments through the session.